In 1870, Carrie Love lived and worked as a cook in the Sion B. Robson household in Decatur, DeKalb Co., Georgia. Living and working with her was her son Judge Love, who worked farm labor at 14 years old, and Isabella Green, who worked as a nurse. All three are buried in Section 6. Carrie lived on Hilliard St. with her son Judge and granddaughter Pinkie for 28 years until her death in the home in 1928. According to her obituary, she left behind four siblings: Charles Howard, Ella Howard White, Flora Warven (incorrect spelling, either Warren or Warner), and Emma Morton.

According to Freedman’s Bureau records, Judge Love was born to Carrie and Henry Love in Madison, Georgia and had one brother Henry. Throughout his life, he worked as a teacher, a driver, and a porter in the Atlanta area, working for Robert Dohme and his various enterprises, as well as for A & P Tea Co. In 1883, he married Jennie Farrell and they had two daughters, Lessie May, who died as a child, and Pinkie. Jennie passed away in 1901 and in 1909, his mother-in-law Sarah Farrell made Judge the executor of her will and left all of her belongings to him and her granddaughter Pinkie. Judge married Mollie sometime between 1920 and 1927. He lived on Hilliard Street for most of his life and even operated a boarding house out of his home in 1920, along with his mother Carrie Scott and widowed daughter Pinkie Pritchard (later Weddington), with at least 9 lodgers. Judge Love is the nephew of Ella L Howard White, who is buried in her family’s lot immediately next to his.

Pinkie is almost certainly the “Annie” Love of the 1900 Census. She was born between 1886 and 1890 to Judge and Jennie Farrell Love. She lived on Hilliard St. in Atlanta’s 4th Ward district for over 40 years and once helped run a boarding house out of the family home she shared with her father and paternal grandmother Carrie Scott. She was married twice. First to a man with the surname Pritchett/Pritchard, who passed away before 1920, and then to Joe Weddington, who also passed away after just a few years of marriage. In 1909, her maternal grandmother Sarah Farrell willed all of her belongings to Judge and Pinkie.

The Carlton, Farrell, Howard, Love/Scott, Weldon, and White families of Section 6 are all connected, through marriage or blood, by two Howard sisters, Ella Howard White and Carrie Howard Love Scott.

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